They were followed by bailiffs and winners of notaries: reduction of prices and execution costs


As already pointed out by the Minister of Justice, Elvinas Jankevičius, the obligatory adjustment of the amount of notaries and bailiffs to the same entities (notaries and bailiffs) restricts the national legal discretion in the field of determining the payment of notaries and executors and obliges the Minister of Justice to determine such amounts of salaries in the same manner as are acceptable to notaries and bailiffs.

"We are asking about a tool for reducing the prices of bailiffs and notaries," said E. Jankevičius at the hearing. In his view, costs and running costs would be reduced.

As indicated in the explanatory note to the document, the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries and the Lithuanian Chamber of Bailiffs will have the opportunity to examine and evaluate the submitted projects in relation to the establishment of the costs of notaries and enforcement of bailiffs, to submit their comments on projects, thus affecting the content of projects in the legislative framework of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the procedure laid down by law.

In accordance with the revised procedure, the law will oblige the Minister of Justice to agree on the above amounts with the Minister of Finance.

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