R. Miniotas, who played productively, did not lead the teams of the poor section


The RETAbet (2/10) of Bilbao home team fails in Spanish championship 77:78 (15:16, 20:21, 19:23, 23:18) Landed at the Club Estudiantes (5/8) in Madrid.

Jaroslaw Zyskowski, who was able to strengthen RETAbet’s position, missed two free throws at the end of the match, and Victor Arteaga became the hero of the match, hitting a victorious two just 1.5 seconds away.

Limited minutes received Regimentas Miniotas Managed to intervene among the team leaders of Bilbao. Lite scored 10 points (4/6 colonies, 2/3 penalty throws) in 15 minutes, rebounded 5 balls, made a successful pass, provoked 2 fouls, received a block and scored 14 use points.

Modest succeed Arnoldui Kulbokai, Who started the match in the starting five and scored a point in 26 minutes (0/4 three-pointers, 1/2 free throws), rebounded 3 balls, made a successful pass, committed an offense once and finished the match with a Use score.

In RETAbet, Alex Reyes, who scored 21 points, was the most prominent, Goran Huskki added 15 (JSC 6), and Jaylon Brown added 10.

The Bilbao team have only won one of the last nine matches, but Lude Hakansson’s return after the coronavirus should be positive, and 19-year-old Nahuel Del Val made a symbolic debut in the top league.

Madrid Club David Giedraitis Scored 5 points in 21 minutes (1/3 two-point, 1/4 three-point), rebounded 3 balls, made a mistake once, committed 4 times and scored -1 use score.

Aleksa Avramovičius, who scored 26 points, was thrown into the ranks of “Estudiantes”, John Roberson, 16, and V. Arteaga, 16

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