Nightlife broke down and rejoiced from the names of the fans


"After the remarkable transformation of the new year of activity, which was full of unique experiences, we immediately decided to stop the NP," said Alan and Aras. – We have the highest respect and gratitude to those who have been and are with us. "

This period was very active and stressful for the group "Nightlife" – tours on the biggest venues, concerts all over Lithuania and abroad, thousands of fans who have known and sing songs of classical songs, unique feelings and invitations to return – only a small part of the rising for short, true musical legends.

Last NP movie "Do not Tell Anything":

VIDEO: Night people – Do not talk (Official video)

And again at the very top of the popularity, the group decided to turn in different ways. Only this time – forever.

"I want Alan a great success in my next solo career," said Aras.

"We thank our fans, listeners and experts who have worked together and strive for common goals," added Alan.

"Night People" has long been a legend of Lithuanian music, and a successful restaurant has proven that success was not accidental at the time.

The band hopes that the songs they create and many times will remain in the hearts of the fans for a long time.

For your attention, the latest NP remix "I Feel So Strange", which became the hit of this summer:

VIDEO: NICHE PEOPLE – I feel weird (remix 2018)

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