Latvian banks grew by 3% in 3/4. | Business


The assets of the members of the organization alone increased by 7.8 percent. To 22.179 billion euros. This is not one of the largest banks in the country, Rietumu.

The assets of Swedbank, the largest bank in Latvia, increased by 24.3%. Up to 7.327 billion. EUR, Citadel – 21.1 percent. Up to 4.253 billion. EUR, SEB – 5.2 percent. Up to 4.175 billion. Euros.

The fourth luminor division in the list lost 16.1 percent. Up to 3.552 billion. Euros.

At the end of the season, Latvian banks have provided LTL 13,292 billion. EUR loans – 1.3 percent. Less than at the beginning of the season.

The strongest loan portfolios are Soldbank (3.584 billion euros, 1.5% more than at the beginning of the year), SEB (EUR 3.084 billion, 1.4% more), Luminor (EUR 2.887 billion, 2, 5% less),

Continued customer deposits increased by 3.1% in nine months. Up to 17.739 billion euros.

Swedbank (EUR 5.488 billion, 12.4% more than at the beginning of the year), Citadel (EUR 3.298 billion, 10.9% more), SEB (EUR 3.225 billion, 4, 1% more).

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