Kim Kardashian and Kanye Westo's family are accompanied by a fourth child: a ceramic mother brought a baby | Names


One of the most famous couples in the world of entertainment has been a daughter North and Chicago and a son of Saint. On Friday evening, it turned out that the trio was accompanied by a fourth family member – a boy was born.

Fact Show star Kim Kardashian has announced a joyous message in her TV account.

"He's here and he's amazing," Kim told the world.

North, six in June, and three-and-a-half birth to Kim himself, but after their serious pregnancy and childbirth, the doctors spent her again. However, with two children, the famous couple did not want to restrict themselves.

Before the third child, three Kim and Kanye embryos were developed by assessed fertilization. Then Kim took the risk and one was put in her uterus, but she didn't get tired. After a failed procedure, the famous couple decided to look for alternatives to raise the family, and the surrogate maternity was suitable for them.

One of the two frozen frozen embryos of Kim and Kanye was placed in her uterus, still finding the most suitable candidate, and on January 15, 2018, her daughter, Chicago, was brought to birth by a substitute mom.

Kim and Kanye didn't wait a long time and decided to use their latest embryo to have their fourth child in December. This baby was taken away by her mother and another mother gave birth.

It is estimated that the Surgery Maternity Service would cost a high pair about 110,000. USD.

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