Influenza and colds incidence in Siauai county – as usual in the flu seasons

The Siauliai Department of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health informed that the incidence of influenza and cold disease in the Siauliai County remains typical for the usual flu season. There is a prevalence of colds and isolated cases of influenza.

The highest incidence of colds in the city of Šiauliai
Last week's data (November 12-18), the indicator of incidence of influenza and colds in Šiauliai county increased from 38.9 to 45.6 a. / 10 ths. Near the highest incidence persists in Šiauliai, the smallest in Šiauliai district. Cold diseases are mostly children.

The amount of the Wikipedia was 72.2% in the week of 1,203 residents of Šiauliai County, of which 720 were in Siauliai. Of all sick. The adult population of cellulite was affected by influenza. Hospitalized to riespitaries in Siaulia county hospitals is not.

According to Daiwa Kulikauskinie, the chief specialist in the Department of Communicable Diseases in Siauai, the morbidity rate is higher than last year. Compared with the same time last year, this year the incidence of colds is slightly higher. At the same time last year, the incidence rate of influenza and cold diseases in Šiauliai County was 40.0. / 10 ths. Of the population, the flu was affected by 7 people.

Vaccination is the most effective prophylaxis for influenza
NVC Siauliai Department mentions that vaccine is the most effective flu-specific prophylaxis.

After vaccination with the flu vaccine, immunity developed after 2 weeks, so it is recommended that the vaccine is recommended before the onset of the flu epidemic, so that the body can develop a sufficiently strong immunity. According to long-term trends, the flu epidemic in our country usually occurs in January-March, so it is currently the best time to vaccinate.

Increased fat vaccine is recommended for all patients over 6 months of age.

Age groups and especially those at risk of influenza: Pregnant women, 65 years old. And for elderly people, persons with chronic diseases, persons living in social care and nursing institutions and health workers. People who are at risk of GFI are reimbursed by the state for seasonal flu vaccine, and others have the opportunity to vaccinate at their own expense. Citizens who want to get vaccinated should contact their GP.

Prepared by NVAO Šiauliai Department

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