In Kaunas – an exclusive focus on vascular surgery


"Over the past decade there has been a major medical breakthrough with minimal intervention methods for the treatment of deep venous thrombosis, pelvic failure, lumbar compression syndrome and venous malformations," says the head of the vascular surgery department at the Clinic for Cardiology, Chest and Vascular Surgery Medical faculties Kaunas. Lina Velička.

The doctor adds that these diseases are the most frequent cause for young, able-bodied people who cause chronic physical and psychological suffering.

Due to pelvic and vaginal syndromes, it is difficult to diagnose a disease requiring cooperation between experts, in Kaunas on November 11 and 12, the 17th International Fellowship Conference "Contemporary Deep Venous Intervention" will be held which will bring together not only foreign experts, also Doctors from different areas of Lithuania: radiologists, gynecologists, urologists, surgeons and vascular surgeons.

"During the conference, we will focus on modern diagnostic methods for deep venous diseases, which in everyday practice help in the selection of modern therapies with the help of deep veins. Participants will also have the opportunity to watch live deliveries from surgical work, in which Lithuanian doctors together with watching the play, collecting questions and discussing with experts, so we hope that after the conference there will be less questions about the treatment of deep vessels, a greater number of patients will be able to enjoy their full life ", – emphasized the exclusivity of the conference doc. L.Velicka.

The conference is organized by the Baltic Fleet Society together with the Association of Endovascular Disease Experts in Lithuania, the Polish Linguistic Association, the Lithuanian Association for Cardiovascular Surgery and the Kaunas Clinic.

The conference will exchange experiences of well-known experts in the diagnosis and treatment of globular venous pathology in the world: Dr. Marzena Frolow (Poland), dr. Veronika Palmiste – Kallion (Estonia), prof. Dr. Tomasz Urbanek (Poland), prof. Dr Radosław Pietura (Poland), dr. Esteban Javier Malo (Spain).

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