Electromagnetism: What Is It And How Does It Change Our Life?

Excerpt from the report:

Our ears listen to frequencies of 20 to 20 kilos. With age, hearing is getting worse, so adults usually listen up to 14 kiloherts. And here, for example, rats hear much better than us: from thousands of darts to 50 kiloherts.

Radio Waves Start From Hundreds Of Kylohertes. Medium – 500-1000 – currently has little use of radio stations. Below are short waves. 3000 kHz to 30 megahart. Mega means a million. Still further – ultra-short wavelengths. There are a lot of telecommunication signals. They reach up to a hundred kilometers. That's enough, it's better than a big powerful transmitter. We have it in the SitkóNai. He covered the whole country with a very interesting frequency. Some might say Satanic. 666 kilohertz.

Even higher (30-300 MHz) radio waves are used for airplane cruise communications with dispatchers, signals from different security services.

Next, there are TV signals broadcast of 300-800 MHz. This is called decimetric waves. An even higher frequency is a mobile connection. 900-1800 MHz. And here's 20-thousand-kilometer GPS data transmitted at 1500 MHz. What We Call Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is the 2400 MHz frequency waveform.

As the amount of data transmitted increases, we have to accumulate higher frequencies. There is now a widespread debate about the future 5G connection, which is up to 5,000 MHz. It, as it is said, will be a lot. Complete different distribution principles.

All the higher frequency signals are also called microwaves. This is an old but still used term. The microwave also uses radio waves, but the essence is the signal strength. The thermal effect is excreted by one and a half kilowatt power in about 2400 MHz microcells. This is like the water molecules, consisting of positive and negative ions, are stretched in opposite directions.

Meanwhile, the signal power of the mobile device is just one watch. No thermal effects on the body. We have an experiment with a phone and a piece of meat. He warmed after a while, but then we realized that it was from the battery, not the antenna.

But let's go back to the question that is once asked to Hercules: What is the benefit at all? The answer is clear. The practical use of these discoveries is universal and vital. One of the most up-to-date and exciting features is the introduction of a modern train train in Shanghai, China. The train, which locks 430 kilometers per hour, does not have wheels, supports it in the air and pushes electromagnetes forward. This is no longer a vision for the future, but an ongoing project.

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