Boxer Evaldas Petrauskas admitted he penalized his hard-hand hand for disabled men | Names

According to a press release issued by the court on November 9, a criminal conviction was announced, in which the famous boxer E. Petrauskas was guilty of gross negligence.

According to the information, on February 28, around 9 pm, E. Petrauskas buried a victim on the floor at Alitus, near the lake Dailidė, during an oral conflict between the dining room, and then struck at least three lightning bolts on his head and face with his hands and feet.

As already written by Alytaus learned, the victim has a disability and the dispute arose due to the non-exclusion of drug dealers.

The conclusion of a specialist of the Alitus state service forensic medicine department shows that the patient clinically detected bruises in the skin and under the skin – in the forehead and right eyelids and in the right-hand corner of the lower jaw.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photo / Evaldas Petrauskas

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min photo / Evaldas Petrauskas

On the basis of the professional conclusion and testimony of the victim and witness, the Court remained consistent, exhaustive and almost unchanged both during the investigation and during the trial, while Petrauska was convicted of a criminal offense.

When deciding on the sentence, the court took into account the circumstances that mitigated the personality of the defendant – Mr Petrauskas was first tried, a preliminary investigation had begun against him, and the accused Lithuanian boxer union had also stopped positively.

In the light of the above, the E.Petrauskas court has been sentenced to one year of a restriction on freedom which a convicted person must condemn from the 23 hours during the entire sentence. up to 6 hours if this is not related to work.

Within six months after the enforcement of the judgment, the sentenced person must work for free for hundreds of hours for medical, nursing and nursing institutions or non-governmental organizations dealing with persons with disabilities, deaf or other people in need.

The Poznan boxer is also obliged to pay compensation for non-material damage in the amount of EUR 1200 and property damage to the victim by EUR 250.00, the costs incurred by the Territorial Fund Vilnius for the reimbursement of costs of EUR 336.54 and EUR 156 euros for secondary legal aid costs will be refunded to the state .

This judgment can be lodged with the District Court of Kaunas within 20 days.

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