Because low-cost airlines make a profit, they sell low-cost tickets

"If we have counted any additional fees, such as sitting at a specific person or place, as well as luggage fees, tickets from and to the airport, if it continued, etc., ie the fare would climb to more expensive airfares," he says.

According to J. Čeponytė, when we buy tickets for low-cost airlines, we only buy a plane on a plane where we will be sitting – nothing but a drink, food or baggage that is not included, for everything that is to be paid.

"For example, a year ago, the average price of a Ryanair air ticket was 40 kilograms. The average person spent an additional 13 kilograms for other aviation services.

20 kilograms of this ticket covers fuel costs, 27 – maintenance of airplane and crew, different stock prices and different airport charges. The company has only 6 kilograms, which are already considered as a profit for the company itself, "the reporter disclosed.

According to the press, it should be noted that all airlines with a low flight are the same, so that pilots can get to know each device at any time at all times, such as everything in it, and so on. t

J. Ceponytė says: "The crew performs many tasks, for example, arrange the cabin at a time until they came, escaped and other passengers arrived."

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