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UAE – The headquarters of the international federations strengthen the soft power of the UAE


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July 24, 2019

Deadline & # 39; soft power & # 39; It's heavily linked to sports in the last two decades, where sports have the ability to cross borders, cross geographical barriers, direct messages to the world's largest mass base and compete to organize major sporting events.

And monitors huge budgets to gain the honor of hosting global and continental events, to become a platform and regional center and continental and international, all eyes and become the world's talk, and has contributed effectively to improve economic conditions And raising efficiency by bringing more resources to a large number of countries that hosted events and events in Russia, whose current and future income estimates for the FIFA World Cup were $ 123 billion.

International Headquarters

The other sports aspect is hosting the headquarters of the international and continental federations, and winning the administrative positions in these sports organizations, because the headquarters country of any organization is automatically the decision-making state, and the news platform for which all eyes are. Directed, it is the background of events and events all the time, the visits of stars and celebrities and officials do not stop.

In the last decade, a clear government direction led by the general authority for sports, and interacting with local sports federations, to work on the two axes that hosted major events on the one hand and to run for the international opportunity on The other hand.

Successfully succeeds

With this in mind, successive successes in international positions are being monitored by several international federations, and consequently, many headquarters move to international organizations to the UAE to be the global and Asian sports capital and global and continental capital. And the Asian for Gujitsu after the election of Abdel Monim Al Hashimi as president of the AFK and First Vice President of the International Federation.

As the Headquarters of the International Federation of Arab Horses, following the elections of Faisal Rahmani as International Federation Feather President, the Asian Boxing Federation's headquarters, the Asian Chess Federation, the Asian Karate Federation, the Asian Cycling Federation, the Asian Games of Paralympics, the Arab Federation fencing, the Muay Thai, basket and others.

In addition to many of the golf sports organizing committees, the headquarters of the regional office of the Spanish League League in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. In addition, the UAE has more than 120 continental and international sports committee members, and reflects the fact that the UAE has become an important regional and international sports center.

The capital of Gujitsu

Mohammed El Dahariy, vice president of the Jujitsu Federation, said that Abu Dhabi has succeeded in becoming the world's capital of Jujitsu 2014 by organizing the largest and most important international tournaments within and outside the country, and also succeeded in 2016 The capital of the global decision. Executive Director of the International Organization.

For that reason, all sports fans wait more than 120 countries around the world for decisions that will determine their direction, lead their activities and competitions and lead the development and development of their sport, or by expanding the base of their practitioners globally. Either by rehabilitating and developing champions. Providing the best competitive environment for them in the world, says Virtual:

In 2014, the UAE succeeded by Abdul Moneim Al Hashemi in winning the chairman of the AFC President. Since then, there has been a great leap for the Jogitsu sport in Asia.

Where the number of members of the Union from 12 members to more than 42 Active Unions, and increasing continental and regional championships, and expanded the area of ​​the game significantly, making Asia the most important continent of the world in this sport and the most Influential in global decision making,

The presence of sports associations in the UAE contributes significantly to the global presence of the UAE, and we are proud of the achievements that make our country a favorite of sporting events.

Government support

"The UAE deserves to be the seat of many continental and international sports organizations, with the government's strong support for the vital sector and successful cadres and cadres," said Hassan Al Hammadi, Secretary General of the Boxing Federation and Secretary General of the GCC Organizing Committee.

Recalling his experience at the Boxing Federation, he can confirm that the state is supporting all candidates in international positions and is interested in strengthening its position on international and continental affairs, and that in the past five years, many gains have been achieved. The international headquarters' incubation area, the courses highlight the UAE and enhance its external reputation.

Game development

"The presence of the AFC Boxing House in the UAE, specifically in Dubai, also contributes to the development of the UAE game, and is reflected positively in the rise of sports, not only in the UAE.

But in the Arab region and Asia, the AFC president automatically becomes Vice President of the International Federation, we are confident that the UAE will soon become a world-leading boxing city, successfully hosted by some important Meetings to correct this sport. On the global level and to get it out of its crisis of the previous era.

Power of payment

Hamate Shams, the Secretary of State for the Karate Federation, Secretary-General of the United Arab Emirates, said he was proud to move the AFC headquarters to Dubai and was certain that Dubai would give Karate a tremendous moment to build on Learn about its tremendous potential and potential.

The victory of Major General Nasser Al-Razzouqi in the AFC presidency is a victory for the Asian-level game as he is also vice-president of the international organization, and the presence of the headquarters in Dubai will be reflected positively in the Arab. And Asian countries in general, because it will support the presence of Arab cadres in the various committees of the Union.


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