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The President of the Islamic Supreme Council, Shik Abdul Amir Kablan, congratulated the Lebanese on the Day of Independence and congratulated "The Lebanese Marshes, whose blood was laid on the homeland of the homeland, the independence and sovereignty of Lebanon. Our national army, our valiant resistance and all the eyes that protect the Lebanon. "

He stressed that "the unity of the Lebanon and their solidarity with their army and resistance is one of the most important viruses in Lebanon to defend their behavior and protect their earth and security of their law – this is the source of Lebanon's rule and His prevention in the face of the conspiracy against our Arab region, which sets Lebanon in the center of his purpose.The army and the resistance which experience is proven to be the liberation force of a Zionist or repulative aggression F against Lebanon, especially since our independence was uncompleted because the Israel enemy continues to occupy our land, loss of our sovereignty and threaten our homeland. "

He congratulated "all the Lebanese by the Independence Day, which was and continues to be a brightly-studied station in the history of Lebanon to get rid of the law of trustship and mandate today, we are called to preserve liberty by The preservation of the state and its institutions, especially the military establishment.We call upon politicians to form an expanded national government in which there is no injustice to any political party, whose priority is to save the And freed him from sectarian and secretive restrictions and release him from the greed of the corrupt, monopoly and exploiter, so the government ministries geared to serve all citizens without discrimination in the provision of services to all regions. Government of all the components that smoker citizens in the crucial of national unity and provide political stability and promote the national economy and take care of the citizens and their concern for their livelihood and social security, And maintain the sovereignty of Lebanon and stability and prosperity.

Sheik Caban called on the Lebanese to "embrace their national army and provide all the necessary material and moral support so that the army will remain the fence that protects the borders of the homeland and the safety to save its stability and safety. The Lebanese Must adhere to their national values ​​and do not allow any external interference in their internal affairs: one and one heart in defense of the sovereignty of the nation. "

Source: National Media Agency

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