The top 4 sites that allow you to edit your PDF content for free


PDF is the default form of important documents and is the most appropriate form of commercial and scientific transactions, using PDFs as common as using Word documents, but you need to pay up to $ 449 for the full editing options in Adobe Acrobat to purchase the Desktop Pro 2017, or about $ 180 a year for a Pro DC subscription. While many programs and sites are changing the content of alternative PDF files, many of them are free.

The following websites will help you to edit everything you want in your content in PDF without even installing any software on your device, which allows you to do multiple tasks, including:

  • Edit and change the contents of PDF files
  • Create a PDF form or document
  • Reduce file size
  • A PDF summary or adding notes that others see
  • Split the PDF file
  • Merge multiple PDF files
  • Protect the PDF with a password or cancel the security if it is already protected

1- Location Paperjet To fill in PDF forms and signatures

The most common task you need for PDFs is to fill in the data directly in it without allowing you to read the best PDF files in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS or anything else in PDF The fastest and easiest The way is to use the Paperjet website.

On the Paperjet website, you will need to register to use the service, upload a PDF and add text boxes to the custom fields in the document. If the text field is not available, you can add it yourself, the font type, the size, and the color itself to which you want to write. Flexible, you can also attach photos if the form needs photos.

Paperjet offers you the option of editing 10 PDF files in a month for free, but you have to pay $ 5 per month to change above this limit.

2. Location Jotform Create PDFs for common shapes and documents

While Web site editing sites around the web are about to change an existing template that you already have, some tools let you automatically create a PDF form.

Jotform is an excellent free web application for creating PDFs for commonly used documents, and a set of templates on the site is what makes Jotform separate from other competitors.

Topics related to your current reading:

Templates are divided into categories such as certificate, contract agreement, contract, employee records, event planning, invitation, account, job application, hire, medical report, performance assessment, scholarship, ticket. Jotform to find out more.

Once you find the template you want to work on, open it in Jotform so that you can edit any part of the form, regardless of whether it's text, squares, fields, or anything else.

3. Location Shrink PDF To reduce the size of PDF files

PDF files are usually larger than the size of their original document, which will hinder many websites where you want to send PDF files. Go to the Shrink PDF site – especially if you have many files – to compress files with no effect File quality.

You can upload up to 20 PDFs at a time to reduce their size and you can not change the settings as the site has its own ways to reduce the size. When you click, you will see how much the file is reduced in percent, and you can download each file yourself or download any modified files as a string into one zip file.

4. Location PDF Candy The All-In-One Web Site lets you get all the different PDF tools

There are many free PDF online tools to complete your work, but why search for multiple places for each task you have done, if the PDF Candy site can handle all of these tasks in one place. This is a great web application that combines the most common PDF editing tools.

Here is a short list of what to do in PDF Candy:

  • Convert PDF files to Word, JPG, DOCX, RTF, TIFF, BMP and PNG
  • Convert Word to PDF, JPG, DOCX, HTML, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, PNG, TIFF, BMP, RTF, ODT, XLS and PPT.
  • Rotate PDF
  • Changing the page size
  • Merge multiple PDF files
  • Split the PDF to separate pages
  • Delete pages
  • Reorder the pages
  • Protect the PDF with a password or if it is already protected, you can cancel the protection
  • Add a watermark to the files
  • Pull out pictures or text
  • Add page numbers
  • Editing metadata

All these features are completely free and you do not even have to sign up for the PDF Candy website.

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