The persistence of Shaima Al-Eidi in the fight against cancer shock everybody … Listen to her influential words


With words of determination and determination, young Shaima El-Eidi spoke of the steps she was taking after her doctor told her that there was no progress in the new cancer treatment.

She confirmed in a live interview that Hakim told her that the new treatment will affect the heart and heirs, does not sit in the corner and wait for her death, but is looking for a natural alternative through a diet to help and warn that if the treatment is not beneficial, appropriate food could be useful in the disposal of cancer symptoms.

The incident that took place in the hospital led to psychological pressure and talk of people about the death of a cancer patient, stressing that attention should be paid to these points during the treatment period for malignant disease.

A young woman took a new conversation with her and talked about her diary with cancer. She asked everyone to smile and say: "Smile, God gave you a new day in life." These are the people they joined, they were asked to continue to persist in life and suffer all the problems of treatment in order to survive malignant disease. .

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