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The July Revolution was an exceptional historical transformation in the Arab world


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Metal Industry Workers: July Revolution Established an Extraordinary Historical Transformation in the Arab World, Tuesday 23 July, 2019 14:58

The General Association of Metallurgical, Engineering and Electrical Industries has called all national and union forces, Egyptian, Arab and International, to take the anniversary of the Great Revolution of July 1952, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser and his fellow heroes. The brave Egyptian army. And the project of the national resistance to attempts to disintegrate and tear and confront the external enemy and his followers at home, the earth, and political, and media, and trade unions, and Amalia. This is stated by engineer Hull, El-Faki, head of the General Union.

He said the July Revolution had a remarkable historical transformation into the whole of the Arab world and all of its industrial, economic, developmental, political, and popular levels, and pushed the entire Arab people to a new stage of national consciousness. And attention. Economic development, social justice, civil construction and the national project in the most difficult premises, national and international conditions.

He emphasized that the June 30 revolution under the leadership of President Abdel Fatta al-Sisi and our national army, our brave police and our great people, and the heart of those workers, is part of this glorious History of the Abdul Naser school, inspired by his struggle, and the struggle of his freed comrades and the victims of the heroic Egyptian people, the Arab Brotherhood, and the Arab Brotherhood, and the development of reality, and The Full bias of the poor, workers, peasants, women and youth against the tyranny of non-national capital, intellectual corruption, fundamentalist terrorism and dependency projects for the West and its agents.
Holt al-Feki, president of General Union of Metallurgical Engineering Industries, said the 23rd revolution reached its targets and helped to eliminate monopoly and control capital and eliminate feudalism, and added that one of its major targets was Establish a national army and establish social justice and democratic life
He emphasized that the July 1952 revolution was an industrial revolution, which changed the fate of the country from tyrannical capital to industrial socialism, and added that the revolution established factories like spinning, weaving, iron and steel. , Cars, cement, electricity,
According to the head of the General Union, the construction of factories and jobs and a good environment for services such as housing and public facilities are appropriate for them.

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