The discovery of two large rocks of gold in Australia


Scientists have discovered the discovery of metals in Australia, yet found two huge rocks covered with pieces of gold, expected to be millions of dollars.

For its part, the Canadian mining company, "CNS" said that the largest piece weighing 95kg, is expected to reach the golden cover of 68kg, saying that it extracted gold worth 11 million dollars last week in Calgary mine in South Australia . The second stone weighs up to 63kg, and covers about 45kg of gold, and is expected to cost about $ 2,000,000. Mark Sulfie, the company's chief executive, said the stone would be auctioned to those who wanted to buy it.

The company usually extracted only two grams of gold from every ton of stone in Australia, but the two new rocks were able to extract about 220 grams of each tone. The rocks were found at a mass of 500 meters below ground after trace of yellow metal were spotted at the site last June.

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