So Jamal Sulaiman from the Miyya and Mieh boards: who are the parties that participated in the settlement? (Lara Al Hashem)


After the border and May camps were almost turned into a focal point for the residents of Said and its surroundings, the settlements were closed and Secretary General Ansar Alam Jamal Sulejman was excommunicated on Tuesday night from a camp with about 17 people in the dark. Jamal Suleiman is former Commander Fatah, who later became a rival with distrust between the two sides and accuses Fatah of being involved in the assassination of Saeed and Ain al-Hilweh. And all the problems between them have developed into a violent clash with heavy machine guns. But the intense Lebanese encounters on the one hand and the Palestinian side on the other, which took place in recent weeks, clearly indicated that a decision was made to halt the appearance of Jamal Suleyman.

There are contradictory accounts of how Jamal Sulaiman came in. Was his trip secure in Syria or still in Lebanon? According to sources in Ansarullah,, the Siara ticket arrived at Wednesday at 2 pm in the camp and with Suleiman with her family and many companions taken to a safer place in Lebanon. The sources point out that the agreement was carried out under the auspices of Hezbollah and the knowledge of the Fatah movement. Unlike Ansar Allaah, the Palestinian National Security Officer Subhi Abu Arab told that Fatah's leadership had learned that the latter had moved to an agricultural holding in Syria, where his story deals with resources near Hezbollah. Sources told that Suleiman's exit in coordination with the Syrian state, with which he has old relations, and emphasized that his movement is based there. Abu Arab told that the long deadline for the liberation of the camp from the Hezbollah riots was due to intense meetings held at the Palestinian Embassy in the presence of the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon, Ashraf Dabur, as well as party representatives and the Amal Movement. Sources close to Hezbollah say that Fatah has asked the party to take action to prevent renewed clashes in the Miyama and Mieh camps and to prevent internal conflicts for the return of refugees. The leader of the group and his family were therefore removed, while Ansar Alah remained in the camp with a full military force.
The military leadership denied that they were aware of the settlements and therefore the news of a security meeting at Muhammad Zogheib barracks in Saida in order to prepare for the departure of Jamal Suleyman. Military sources told that the army has not yet completed its deployment in the city and near the camp. He did not receive military points or fortress. In the same context, sources point out that the army is at the entrance to the camp and in the vicinity of the city in the process of completing logistic equipment to expand its deployment and strengthen the security meeting at the Miya and Mieh camp. At that time, sources in Ansarullah told that the attackers began to withdraw from the streets and expects to refuse tomorrow's withdrawal, in parallel with the end of the earth's removal and the dirty obstacles created by the conflict forces. Which means that peace returned to the Miyya and Mieh camps.

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