Mufti Qablan confirms the views of the proposals that protect resistance


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Mufti Qablan said that "the challenges are excellent, problems and suffering are numerous in various areas, especially economic, life and financial, where there is much talk and about the highest levels, while those who care for the formation of government and officials of the administration States, without taste or color, despite knowledge and knowledge of the consequences that could result from this disturbance of serious damage to the security and stability of the state and its fate. "

Mufti Qablan called on officials in Friday's admiration to read "objectively and nationally" from reading the sectarian, sectarian and sectarian dimensions and calculations, and take part in efforts to ensure that the crisis is unjustified and that all formalities and problems are eliminated. Something and with these conditions of the people no longer allow disregard for their interests and everyday life, by encouraging the instincts and movement of nepotism, the politics of hypocrisy and corruption, and the lack of conscience and hollow political rhetoric away from the strategic vision of the future of the state, Content Moi, referring to the challenge of Grouch and wasting opportunities, bargaining on the basis of quotas and discretionary. "

Mufti Qablan emphasized that "the state is at risk and that if a team fails, the other will not survive, we will consider the people and the issues of the people who are poor, unemployed, anxious and waiting, and all of us must lead modesty and modesty. ties and accusations, let everyone know how to save our people and our country. "

His Mercy emphasized that "we seriously needed a state government and a national political decision with a distinction, and this assumes that the liberation of land and heat in the country and the re-acquisition of the country are a strong concern of the government in the national interest." Therefore, we are ready for proposals that protect the country and protect resistance. All of us, in particular the president of the republic and the candidate for the prime minister, are defeating the government dilemma through the dialogue of independent representatives and discussing acceptable and acceptable solutions that ensure safe, fair and equitable exit , which provides a genuine national partnership based on honesty and transparency, The In brave decisions that end all kinds of corruption and its forms, political, moral and media, and contribute to the rebuilding of trust among the various Lebanese components and take responsibility for building a modern state , which is present and capable of mobilizing society and establishing a homeland.

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