Medals "golden and silver" for Kuwait … in "Asian" archery


Medals "golden and silver" for Kuwait … in "Asian" archery

Al-Faihan, Al-Mashaf and Al-Rashidi

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KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwaiti men shone in dust and on Sunday, the seventh day before the end of the eighth Asian Asian Championship in Air Ballistic Shooting, they also won a gold medal for men, who also saw silver for Kuwait.
Talal Al-Rashidi, Khalid Al-Mudhaf and Abdulrahman Al-Faihan reached 354 points, ahead of Kazakhstan (345) and Taiwan (338).
Talal Al-Rashidi was the only one to reach the final round, but finished fifth, while Khaled Al-Mudhaf and Abdulrahman Al-Faihan came from the finals when they finished seventh and ninth. And won the World Cup champion in 2018 and Asian 2011 Chinese Yu Du Golden and his birthday Wydong are silver and in 2003 Asian junior champion of the title of Kazakhstan Victor Khasyanov bronze.
The team, composed of Youssef Al-Mutairi, Bader Al-Adwani and Salah Al-Rashidi, won silver for young players, while gold went to Kazakhstan.
The third trio did not have the same chance of winning in the same competition, as Bader Al-Adwani and Yousef Al-Mutairi reached the final round, finished fourth and fifth, and Salah Al-Rashidi from nineteen climbers. Kazakhstan Ruslan Birdov won gold and silver Xingis Yegimkul, Chinese Qing Li bronze.
(4 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze), Kuwait (2 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze), Thailand (two gold) and Singapore (4 silver). 3 bronze), Taiwan (silver, 6 bronze), UAE (silver and bronze), Japan, Bahrain and Qatar (bronze).
Abdulrahman Al-Faihan, despite heavy races, expressed his luck with the achievement of gold, congratulating all players of the game, including medals.
Al-Faihan said that participation in such competitions increases the experience of archers and emphasizes that in the coming period he will participate in the most important international and continental tournaments, in order to ensure an exceptional preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualification he has qualified.

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