In Phyroz's birthday, you know her most prominent political positions

Lebanese singer Fairies celebrates her 83th birthday on Wednesday.

Although she is far from the media or controversial political statements, she has two major positions in her career.

Was the first in 2008, when criticized by anti-Bahatist groups in Syria after his singing in Damascus.

The second attitude associated with her son, Muslim Rabbi Shebani in 2013, when he wrote out that his mother loved Hassan Nasrall, the head of the Lebanese Hezbollah, who spoke to Rima's sister, and the spokesman on his Eligibility, This News.

The statement said: "I assure you of my position, of the house, and my duty and obligation to maintain the respect for her name, her career, her mission, her work, her past, her present, and her way of dealing With matters. This subject and all previous political and non-"Fairfairs has dealt with Fayrouz, not only speculation and speculation on the expense of fairies, but do not panic, as the campaign's campaign will be like all the campaign that is It was prestige, which is known.

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