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Doctors for the country: Early detection is better than treatment before the birth of masculinity and threatening femininity


Investigation – Yasser bin Yusuf

They said, "Prevention is better than cure," but as many members of the company are people and women working with old wisdom? The fact is that there is a lack of a culture of early medical detection, it is only for the physician to see the symptoms and symptoms, without realizing the latent diseases such as pressure, diabetes and the most serious ones, such as tumors, heart Disease, kidneys, etc, are surprised by the patient or the patient. Appropriate and a spiral of trouble and anxiety about the health situation, with some awareness can be avoided and enjoy the health and life of early detection and treatment of cases and prevent complications. "The country" has discussed this issue with a number of doctors and specialists who emphasize the culture of early medical disclosure and periodic reports, the importance of this in raising the individual's health and society. Pharmacist Subhy al-Hadda, a consultant for health media, said: "Periodic inspection is very important for people, especially those over 40 who have some health problems, or have a family history."

The periodic examination reveals the state of health and reassures the person of his health, in addition to early and easy diagnosis of disease and efficacy … Our people have not used the periodic examination where they go to hospital Deterioration of health situation or aggravation, and when there is heavy treatment and delays and costs a lot of money, time and effort.

Early screening is inexpensive and very useful and is important for 50-year-olds, and important tests for women's mammogram to detect breast cancer.

In my opinion, it is suggested that the periodic inspection is mandatory for certain age groups or those with a family history of illness … and that the Ministry of Health acknowledges these conditions and activates it through its many health centers. Just as we do and we want to check the cars on a regular basis.

For his part, Haitham Nasser Abbas, a deep consultant and intensive care: how shocking is the statement when he tells his patient or patient that "The situation is delayed," but it is also difficult for the patient who is forced to Joke and regret the negligence of the situation of early detection.

We, like doctors, have unfortunately over and over again because of the hospital's condition after the disease has been able to leave the patient, although it is a scourge of God, but the main reason is lack of awareness. From many people about the importance of early detection of chronic diseases. Many of the cases that have been diagnosed late with cancer and kidney failure and weakness of the heart muscle because of stress and sugar and cholesterol – Avana and God forbid – and could be controlled all if periodic examinations are done early and here is our duty To raise the community of peaceful health culture to prevent complications and delay treatment.

Basic tests
Required in the age range:
1. Sugar: Sugar and cumulative sugar should be analyzed for each adult above 45 years or at a lower age if there are other diseases that can cause the disease, such as obesity, stress, cholesterol, family history, ovaries and gestational diabetes.

2 – Pressure: Must be measured for each 18-year-old adult according to reading, the measurement frequency is determined
3. Cholesterol: It is measured at an early age for those with high susceptibility to disease (25-30 years in men 30-35 years in women) such as smokers, those who suffer from obesity, or family history. Heart stroke and those who do not have the diseases can analyze cholesterol after the elderly. 35 in men and 45 years in women.

4. Osteoporosis: An examination of the rays of women, especially after the age of 65 years or after menopause, for those with a high susceptibility to these fractures (such as those treated with cortisone, rheumatoid patients, smokers, women with low Weight, The date of a father's failure, prior to fracture of the patient) in humans, this examination may be corrected if the patient has a high susceptibility to vulnerability than someone treated with cortisone od He had a history of bone fracture.

5- Colorectal tumors: Colonoscopy is required for anyone over the age of 45. If a family history of colon cancer, this should be done at the age of 40. If there are multiple cases in the family or immunological diseases, .
Breast tumors: Mammogram is recommended for every woman over 50 years of age.

7 – Cervical tumors: A cervical scan is required for all women over 21 every 3 years.
8 – Lung tumors: The work of sectional radiation for all smokers after the age of 55 years and annually.

Introduce breast cancer
In the same context, Dr. Samir Mohammed Shaat, a member of Harvard University, indicated that women had 6 signs of breast cancer, which was considered a serious tumor, one of the most common types of cancers around the world, and many studies confirmed that one of the eight women In the world, breast cancer was reported by Web Harfard, these symptoms appearing in abnormal changes in the woman's breast such as change in size and shape or emergence of bulges and tumors. The breast secretion of a transparent material may contain the secretions on the blood or the emergence of rash around them. As well as the emergence of a solid or prominent pad caused the enlargement of the breast tissue. The skin color may be prone to redness, also feel pain and fatigue and so on.

Medical progress
Dr. Hanan al-Ghawabi, a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and infertility treatment, stressed the importance of prevention, especially as the diagnosis progressed with the progress of science, medicine and treatment. Intractable diseases become treatable if they are detected early. However, we can eliminate comprehensive periodic reports to prevent disease.

She added: The universal periodic examination is the basis for the prevention of future diseases such as sultan and cervical cancer. The discovery of these cases in the early stages of recovery heals, and may also reduce injury and reduce the proportion of surgical intervention in the treatment, there are analysis of tumor markers and some types of virus analysis. Such as anthem papilloma virus, which causes the cervical sarcasm and breast to rash mammograms, which give the idea of ​​the possibility of malignant performance and reduce it and raise rates of cure, God willing. We also reached in the field of pipes and some modern techniques of prevention of genetic diseases at the fetus and the discovery of its presence in the body and therefore not allowed to carry only a healthy body and pgd, thus avoiding a lot of genetic diseases. And birth defects and congenital disorders.

We can also examine the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus and detect many diseases at this stage, but some times interfere with the treatment of the fetus in the uterus and the work of some micro-surgery has been born to health and well thank God. Here we can say that the early detection of diseases and periodic examination helps us to prevent or at least curb and multiply them. Dr. Ghada Orabi, a dermatologist, said: "Not all that appear and changes in the skin are cancerous, but the type of change is determined by examining the skin and removing the skin. UVB and UVA have a significant role in the development and development of skin cancers.

The risk factors include: light skin color, moles, unnecessary exposure to sunlight, family history of skin cancer.

Weakness of the immune system The symptoms of risk and suspicion of skin cancer appear to be an abnormal change in the skin and a change in moles (itching – irregular color, non-healing wound or sore ulcer and not healed. Sunday is not necessary for Sun from 10:00 to 16:00, and in the case of exposure should be used sunscreen high protection, and the need to see a doctor in case of doubt, any early treatment, diagnosis and treatment of lesion lesions.

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