Copper Price Under Negative Indicators – Analysis -8-11-2018


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Thank you for reading the news on the price of copper under negative indicators – Analysis-8-11-2018 and now with the details

Dubai – BASSAM RASHID – Forex News Today, the price of copper has returned to the side fluctuations close to the initial support, stabilized to around 2.7200, affected by the main negative pressure indicators, as opposed to the main raising attempts, the success of the price to infiltrate without immediate support , will be temporarily Offering a bearish correction for the target 2.6800 in order to support the main support of 2.6470.

Stability of the price above the current support will increase the potential for the creation of virtual trading to begin to direct new positive levels by reaching 2.8000 and reach a key rebound that extends to 2.9200.

Today, trading is around 2.6800 and 2.7500

The general trend that is expected today: fluctuation within the bull zone

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