"Consultation meeting": candidate for president sets obstacles to setting up Al-Bina newspaper


"Consultative Meeting of Independent Sunni Members" that those responsible for the delay in forming a government exceed the rights of equality based on the founding part, while pointing out that "putting obstacles is a candidate for the president and supporting him in a malicious campaign does not have the objectivity and the same standards Dealing with all parliamentary components "and discussed the meeting" the choice of one of its members is the presentation of the meeting ".

This occurred in a statement after a meeting yesterday in the deputy deputy, Abdul Rahim Murad, in the presence of Members: Faisal Karamy, Adnan Trabelsi, Jihad Samad, Qassim Hashim, Alwaleed Sukariy and Abdul Rahim Murad.

The participants stated that they were not surprised by the "positions and statements trying to impose the meeting and its allies, the question of postponing the formation of a government, while the person responsible for this crisis is actually the one that goes beyond the requirements of the law by the equations in which the work was based on the formation, and the representation of the meeting is political suicide; the restrictions are the candidate for the president and those who support it in this tendency campaign, which has no objectivity and equal standards in dealing with all parliamentary components and does not care about the government of national unity, which preserves diversity within each community and at the national level. It is not fair and patriotic to help restrain the future movement in order to maintain the representation of the Sunnet community and eliminate other elements. "As I respect pluralism in all sects, it is right and proper to respect pluralism in within the framework of the Sunni component, in order to prevent the unwise adventures of one team. "

They stressed that "this requires that it be represented by a consultative meeting, it is not new, but new, that those who took part in the formation of the government have not seriously taken into account, since they can certainly be overcome by their quotas and understandings with the aim of monopolization and unilateralism and jumping on the results of the parliamentary elections. He is a party to a political issue at a time when the Prime Minister turns to Itikaaf outside the country and does not find realistic solutions, as if he is not dealing with economic and non-economic threats that threaten the threat, instead of quickly respond responsibly and rationally. The state is facing a dilemma, the only title being the only Sunit in Lebanon. "

Participants emphasized that "the consultation meeting is an independent meeting that advocates for its views on the popular segments of its national component, where this component has always and throughout history preserved the unity of the state and the Arab world, and that is the role of the consultative meeting It is trying to solve it from the equation of unity and to support the issues of Arabic and Arab nationalisms. Is the representation of one of the independent Sunni MPs a violation of the Prime Minister's powers or is the renunciation of these powers a real waste?

In the context of the relief, the meeting assessed that "the choice of one of its members is a representative of the meeting because it is an integral part of the parliamentary components that have the right to represent the government".

"Consultation meeting": the presidential candidate puts barriers to design
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"Consultative Meeting of Independent Sunni Members" that it is responsible for delaying the formation of a government over the requirements of the right in relation to equations based on the work of design,
"Consultative Meeting of Independent Sunni Members" that it is responsible for delaying the formation of a government over the requirements of the right in relation to equations based on the work of design,
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