An American woman punishes a restaurant employee, "McDonald's" for refusing "ketchup"


American officials punished an employee at a restaurant for refusing to give Ketchab source news – The Arabs today with details of the news punish an American employee in the restaurant, "McDonald's" because of his refusal to give to Ketchup:

Washington – Arabs today

A social media video about a strange incident in which McDonald's restaurant manager hit the restaurant manager and choked him because he did not want to give him "ketchup".

The incident took place in Santa Ana, California, on October 27th. But the police announced the incident and posted a video that was shot by the camera just two days ago.

The video shows how a young woman comes from a car parked near a car window at McDonald's. In the restaurant's kitchen she opened the door to the staff and asked for ketchup sauce. When the sales manager asked her from the kitchen because she was trapped in the staff, the woman attacked her and began to strangle him, Strongly beaten.

The staff of the restaurant intervened in the dispute and the woman joined her and entered and withdrew from the kitchen. The local police announced that two of the couple who were in the video had been searched for a hearing.

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