Al-Riyashi informed Hariri of the "forces" of support for his position


Deputy Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri told Minister of Information in the government of the government, Melhem Al-Riyashi, about the impact: "I visited his country, the leader of the Lebanese forces, Dr. Samir Geage, and informed him of his support for the open, All parties and try to find solutions, and at the same time this is a principle position, because there are things that we can not openly tolerate than pampering. "

He added: "You know that the forces have brought huge casualties to the government, but the last hub between the two sides has reappeared, but the position of Prime Minister Hariri is of extreme value, because it is logical and rational, which needs to be strengthened in order to form the government as soon as possible, and that the needs of people are very large. "

He concluded: "I do not think that any party should be against the position of Prime Minister because it is rational and very good."

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