7 Injuries of born sweets

Most people who make candies and candy Eid are at the forefront. Many people want to replace basic foods with sweets during this period, but they cause great damage, including:

– Obesity, the risk of obesity increases with the consumption of a lot of sugar due to a sweet birth, where sugar leads to fat accumulation in the body.

– Increasing the possibility of heart disease, high-grade sugar sugar causes obesity and inflammation, and high levels of triglycerides, diabetes and blood pressure are all risk factors for heart disease.

– Increase the chance of developing diabetes.

– Increased risk of developing cancer because a lot of sugar leads to obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation, all of which are at risk of cancer.

– The onset of acne because it increases the secretion of Androgen, which increases the oil in the face.

– Increases the risk of depression.

– Increase the risk of fat liver disease.

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