Yandex GO car speed monitoring technology has started operating in Latvia


The car speed monitoring technology of the shipment service platform “Yandex Go” has started operating in Latvia, which monitors whether the service providers do not exceed the speed when orders, the representatives of “Yandex Go” informed LETA.

They noted that while the driver fulfills the Yandex Go order, the app uses the GPS to determine the speed of the car. The speed is compared with the maximum allowed on the given road section with the navigator data. The technology also takes into account possible signal interference, including unexpected coordinate changes.

If the driver exceeds the speed limit, the system warns him by the driver application. After several warnings, the algorithm restricts the driver’s access to service orders for a certain period of time, but in case of repeated violations – completely.

Jānis Ķirsis, head of partner relations in Latvia, Yandex Go said that the aim of the new technology was to help drivers who inadvertently exceed the speed limit to follow the rules and be more careful. “For those for whom speed is not a one-time mistake, just a driving style, will stop fulfilling service commands. However, after tests in other countries, we see that more than 70% of drivers, who sometimes exceed the speed limit, keep it still Receiving a second warning in the app, ”said Kirsi.

Yandex Go is a mobile application service for ordering taxis, services and goods. The transportation service is provided by the carrier.

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