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Vitolins: If I didn't get a call from Znarok, I would continue to run Davos


Harry Vitolins, sportsgames.com
Photo: Spartak Moscow

Harry Vitolins, a Latvian specialist in the Continental Hockey League (KHL) team, Moscow Spartak, admitted that if there was any suggestion from Oleg Znarok, he would stay in the Swiss unit Davos.

“I would probably have stayed in Davos. I received a proposal from the team to continue their cooperation, but I received a call from Znarok, "Vitolins revealed.

It has already been reported that Znarok and his long-time assistant Harry Vitolins will lead the Spartak team next season, which will have attackers Martins Karsums and Kaspars Daugavins.

Latvian told about working in Switzerland: “This was an interesting job. In Switzerland, hockey is more like a North American style. Team strengths are very similar. The community, on the other hand, is the most powerful team that everyone already knows. In Switzerland, all teams play actively, with a lot of movement and a lot of power. ”

In Preparing the New Time with Spartak Vitolins Commented: “First, it is important to prepare the team physically so we can play active hockey, because we are planning to play actively offensive and defensive. We are now working to ship ships. ”

Vītoliņš led the Davos Swiss National League last December until spring, defending his place among the most powerful clubs in the country, but after the departure of Znarok, he also led Moscow Dynamo for a half and season, again joining the specialist In the SCA club.

From 2006 to 2011, Zarnoks, along with Vitolins, also joined the Latvian national team, which reached the quarter-finals of the World Championships in 2009. They also worked with KHL Club Balashih MVD, which was taken to The latest in the 2010 Gagarin drop, but later became the Moscow Dynamo, retaining specialized positions.

Spartak 2019/2020. KHL season will start on September 2, when "Riga Arena" will meet Riga "Dynamo".

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