They set up millions to develop the Skulte harbor




Skulte harbor

Skulte harbor

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SEB Bank approved a long-term loan of EUR 2.7 million to the port administration of Skultes, which will be invested in improving port infrastructure, reconstructing berths of fishing boats and warehouses for storing fishery assets, the bank informed portal.

During the project, a pier for a fishing boat over 230 meters will be restored and restored and a new warehouse will be built. The implementation of this project is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Support Service through EU funds.

Skolas Harbor Manager Igors Akulovs: "This project is a further step forward in order to improve the infrastructure at the Skulte port, offer even better services to our customers and, consequently, increase traffic at ports. According to the evaluation of the Bank's offers, we selected the most favorable and suitable for our needs. I welcome the professionalism of SEB Bank, as we have seen in previous projects. "

"We are pleased with the close and constructive cooperation with the Skulta port authority. For the last ten years we have been working together and helping to carry out the most important development projects – the reconstruction of shipyards, the purchase of a tug boat with the functions of overflowing ice and the construction of warehouses for fishery products. the volume and volume of its services and facilities, "says Arnis Škapars, Member of the Board of SEB Bank.

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The sponsor of the project was selected through a negotiated procedure evaluating offers submitted by several financial institutions. The construction work in the port is carried out by the Estonian construction company BauEst OÜ, which specializes in ports, berths and other hydraulic structures.

The Skultes harbor was founded in 1939 and until 1991 it operated as a fishing port. Currently, Skultes port is the largest number of small ports in Latvia, which focuses on serving cellulose, chips and peat. In addition, it is the only small port in Latvia providing liquid cargo services. Skulte harbor also serves fishing vessels, as well as yachts and other tourist and recreational vessels.

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