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The News Service insists on the resignation of the Latvian radio board; Media Watcher sees no basis / article /


Following an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile the staff of the Latvian radio news service and media board, the News Service continues to insist on the resignation of the board, citing the incompetence and political influence of some of its members. Meanwhile, the Radio Board is not planning to step down. The watchdog is also not going to dismiss the board.

The conflict between Latvian radio team and media board, which culminated in the news service's request to resign, was resolved last media through a mediation trial. However, it's over, it hasn't really started yet.

With several more specific mediation intermediaries, the Latvian radio news service said it did not see any sign of continued mediation, as this would not solve the problem of the deposit.

Radio news journalists have repeatedly expressed anxiety about the board members' incompetence, for example, because the board hired advisers to perform its tasks. Similarly to the Mediation process. “There is no need for a mediator. This is one of the fundamental problems the committee could not talk to with its employees, "Latvian radio journalist Edgars said.

Still, radio news service journalists have repeatedly cited that existing salaries do not fill vacancies and, consequently, provide content at their current levels, a demand of $ 100,000 from News Service journalists since September. Although it was filed only the week, when the government was vacation for a month, funding would only be decided in August.

If news service salaries start in September, journalists will see the opportunity to work only with the chairman of the board: “But the two board members… that's not a secret – it is politically profitable, I personally felt it My own skin. It was under the leadership of the Board member that a reprimand was made to the head of the News Service. She declined to sign a reply letter to the Ogre County Council until the last moment, in which Latvian radio rejected a complaint about my work, ”Kupts explained.

It was previously reported that Sanita Dicca-Bokmlderere, a member of the Latvian Radio Board responsible for content, suspended her activities in the National Association simply by applying for a radio board. On Tuesday, July 23, she was on vacation and did not answer Latvian television calls.

Una Klapkalne, chairman of the Radio Board, emphasized that the central task of the mission is to fight for raising funds:. "

On the question whether the board is in conflict with the News Service alone or with other radio personnel, Clapcalne says, "Well, it would be different if it was a conviction that we probably wouldn't talk to anyone here."

According to the News Service, if the Board of Directors, including the radio association, was not responding to the movement of censorship, the National Electronic Media Council (NFL) should do so. It is stressed that there is no intention to dismiss the council.

We didn't intend to do this at all, since Latvian radio boards worked very well.

All I have to do is express my deep regret for the news service's decision, but it must be respected. However, I think the Radio Board has also come to conclusions about its previous communications errors. Speaking with board members, Ivar Nebulins deputy chairman of the board said.

The unsuccessful mediation process cost Latvian radio nearly 2,000 euros.


On July 10, the Latvian Radio News Service expressed Mysia support from the Media and requested its resignation or request. This was agreed upon by an absolute majority of the News Service staff, who were counting on the heavy workload of correspondents, insufficient tariffs, weakening the news service and making efforts to bring staff unfavorable change. The Latvian radio announcement announces that it will not resign and continue to work.

At the same time, the Board has presented an extraordinary request to NEPLP of EUR 100,000 this year to increase news service salaries by 31.4% from September and to provide capacity building to other producers of Latvian radio content. Patriotic radio informed that an additional budget request had been filed for the next three years, asking for funding to increase the remuneration of employees of up to 1 million euros to leave the advertising market by 1.79 million EUR to ensure the replacement of broadcasting Time with quality content. Some solutions to the internal resources for strengthening the news service were also found.

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