The fourth day of the EC is taking place in the Latvian favorites in a fire with variable success – winter sports –

Latvian Men's Championship in Curling There were two games today. In the first competition against an unconfirmed Spanish team. First, the last stone rights won by our team bring only one point. The Spaniards also get only the second point, and the third they manage to steal and achieve (2: 1). This does not affect our team, and the fourth goal is to score three points (4: 1). After the break, two points reached in the sixth place allowed you to hold the +3 (6: 3) lead. In the continuation of the team they are exchanging points for the benefit which does not give the Spaniards an opportunity to approach the result, so that after ten goals Latvia celebrates victory with 8: 5.

Commentary by Latvian coach Robert Kross on a match with Spain:
"The game, as we expected, was tense, with many stones. The connectors that were previously on the Spanish side were not able to introduce some defects because we made a mistake. However, in both endoses, Spanish errors were exploited and a decisive In the end there was a little panic, but everything ended up well. "

Popular men For the second time on this day I was riding on ice and competing with a cabin in Estonia. The game started in a positive way, and the first two points were achieved. In the meantime, the Estonians succeeded in six unselfish reactions, stealing five, led by a 7: 2 lead. Finally, in the eighth place, the Latvian team manages to reach two points with its last stone and reduce the difference to -3 (4: 7). However, Estonia is unstoppable because with two points in the ninth place they win with a win 9: 4.

Commentary by Latvian coach Robert Kross on a match with Estonia:
"The first goals were good, but a few mistakes at the end of the second and third did not lead to an increase in leadership. Later the performance of the Estonians was much better than ours. Nothing to do, we will be ready for the next game because nothing has been lost."

Latvian Women's Championship in Curling today is one game. Opponents Germany is impressive, with four wins and one loss in second place overall. The beginning of the game is very similar, because the initiative for the chiefs is not returned. Even in the fifth man, he succeeds to steal a point that, after a break, puts his favorites in the lead from 4: 2. Unfortunately, after the break, the game did not go to our players, as opponents not only equalize the result, but in the seventh to steal four points and take the lead 8: 4. The Latvian team in the eighth place has only a point (5: 8), which reduces the likelihood of defeat. In this game, Germany plays two points on the ninth end and the game ends 10: 5 German benefit.

The leaders of the European Championship in the main tournament begin to crystallize. Switzerland is the dominant player in the women's team, while in men's competition, Sweden has already secured its place in the fight for medals. In Section B, women's table competitions in Norway and Turkey, men's subgroups in the Czech Republic and England. Now every game plays an increasingly important role in the fight for the possibility of getting rid of it.

Tomorrow, November 21st There are two games before the Latvian women's team. Morning at 09:00 against Switzerland without loss, but noon at noon. 19:00 will go to the battle against the Czech Republic. The Latvian Men's Team will only play tomorrow's match. 12:00 against France.

Latvian Women's Team: Iveta Staša-Šaršūne (skip), Santa Blumberga, Ieva Krusta, Evelina Barone, Tina Siliņa, coach Kārlis Smilga.
Latvian Men's Team: Ritvars Gulbis (skip), Raivis Busmanis, Aivars Avotiņš, Anrius Mikus Briezkalns, Kristaps Vilks, coach Roberts Krusts.

Game Results (Division A): Le Gruyere European Championship in Curling 2018 …
Game Results (Section B): Le Gruyere European-B cycling championship …
Live streaming games: https: // …

Latvian Women's Choice Games:

Z 8:11 – Finland
At 8: 6 – Denmark
Z 7: 8 – Russia
Z 4: 7 – Sweden
At 9: 7 – Scotland
Z 5:10 – Germany
21.11. 09:00 – Switzerland
21.11. 19:00 – Czech Republic
22.11. 14:00 – Italy

Latvian male:

Z 2: 7 – Czech Republic
At 10: 3 – Hungary
At 8: 4 – Turkey
At 8: 5 – Spain
Z 4: 9 – Estonia
21.11. 12:00 – France
22.11. 14:00 – Slovakia

/ U – victory, Z – loss /

General competition for women in Division A:

6Czech Republic624

Men's competition in subdivision B of Division B:

1Czech Republic440

Latvian female curler curators SIA "Radex Auto" and SIA "RMC Logistics".

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