The cheerleader's sleek goal in the minority, the Latvian U20 team at the last minute throws a victory – Ice Hockey –


The Latvian U20 team started the game very well, having already won two-man leadership in the eighth. The first majority failed, but in the sixth minute Raivis Kristian Ansons, who was the most handsome in front of the goal (1: 0), presented the team. After five seconds, Latvia left Ralph Vjatera in a minority, but one and half later, the dominance doubled. From the defensive zone to the counterattack, Emil Ghegger made an excellent solo move, which also had four Austria in the area where the goalkeeper himself did not manage to escape (2: 0). In the ranks of the Riga "Dinamo" Chegrid has reached three (2 + 1) points in 22 games this season.

Then the teams replaced the unused majority, but the Austrians in the last third of the time dominated the number of Renar Ciprus on the rejected bench. Artūrs Šilovs was struck by a distance, but only Judge Sodertalje U18 Leoni Valneri, who scored one shot from the circle of calls (1: 2), came to a strike.

In the second third, Latvia did not use the three majority, but at the end of the period, almost two minutes played almost three minutes against three, while the Austrians scored again in the third third. Equalizer, Benjamin Lancingers, striker Villacher hit 35 seconds before the end of the season, which he scored in front of the goal and managed to get a precise shot (2: 2).

The non-sequential game continued in the third third. First, two were Latvia, before the second and half minutes when they played five to three, but shortly after that, Austria, who were third in the game, played 101 seconds in five. Two minutes before the end of the basic time, Latvia again turned into numerical superiority and this time loze It turned out that he was lucky: 33 seconds before the end of the base, Latvia demanded the break-up of the competition zone, won and played Denis Smirnov's shot by touching the round in return (3: 2).

U20 U20 – Austrian U20 3: 2 (2: 1, 0: 1, 1: 0)
Gates: 5:52 Ansons (Ciprus) 1: 0, 7:29 Small, a little bit. 2: 0, 19:05 Vallners (Schreyer, Hohegers, more) 2: 1, 39:25 Liars 2: 2, 59:31 Smirnov (Fyodorov, more) 3: 2
Penalty in minutes:
The gatekeepers: Artūrs Shilovs – Pauls Mohers

Latvian team for the November tournament in Denmark

The gatekeepers: Artūrs Šilovs and Niklāvs Rauza (both HK Riga)

Guards: Sandis Smons (Servette U20, Switzerland), Arvils Bergmanis (HK Riga), Ernests Osenieks (HS Riga), Renārs Kārkls (HK Riga), Nikita Mateiko (HK Riga), Patrick Ozols (HK "Lido"), HK "Riga"), Nauris Sajier ("Servette U20", Switzerland), Artūrs Treimanis (HK Pardaugava, JAHL).

Attackers: Emil Geger (Dinamo Riga), Denis Smirnov (Servette U20, Switzerland), Denis Fjodorov (HK Riga), Rihards Melnalksnis (Lagnau, Switzerland), Daniel Berzins (Dinamo Riga), Gustav Miller (HK "Riga"), Patrick Marcinkiewicz ("Kolner HC U20", Germany), Rudolf Polz (HK "Riga"), Raivis Christian Anderson (HS "Riga"), Antons Trastashenkovs (HK "Riga"), Ralph Vjater (HK Riga), Richard Grīnbergs ), Renārs Cipruss (HK Riga), Roberts Prizevoits (HK Riga), Mikus Mintautisķis (HK Riga).

Calendar of games

Date Time Game Rez
11.7.2018. 20:00 Latvia – Austria 3: 2
11/08/2013 20:00 Latvia – Denmark
11.9.2018 12:00 Latvia – Belarus

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