Shocking! Garnish will catch the restaurant's churches created by Porzig


"Mo Liedya" restaurant, with the help of social networking Facebook, asks its followers to be attentive, and to report, when the special chileize chandeliers are spotted on the internet or otherwise, on the night of Tuesday 27 November stolen the garnish The terrace. Last year, one of the restaurant owners was the brother of NBA basketball crew popsiz Martins.

"Mo Liedya" shares with his event on his Facebook profile: "Good morning, friends!" This time we need your helpful eyes, and some unusual "charities" took care of our beautiful chandeliers from the men's terrace tonight, "said the Recording.

The restaurant confirms that the chandeliers are specially ordered, so they are very unique, in one copy only.

If someone in the internet understands the benefits of the garnish, the restaurant promises not to be guilty of pardon and donate tasty dishes or drinks.

In the record, people are outraged by scolding the thieves and suggesting that they are looking for a lost item at or in the marketplace of Lattel. A social network provider, if this type of restaurant does not have a video camera, but the restaurant owner, Lene Creise, confirms that the cameras are located only in the premises and not on the outside.

As announced, in December of last year, Portizji's brother Martins no longer appeared in the owners of the restaurant, but now the co-owner of the company is Black Adviser Gundega Creise who owns 70% of it.

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