Renārs Kaupers fell ill with “Covid-19”; The musician discovers how the disease was


“Covid-19” is not differentiated – it also affects people and performing artists popular in Latvia. Renārs Kaupers, a soloist from the group “Brainstorm”, revealed that he had just contracted the “Covid-19” virus on social networks. The artist also tells how he felt during the illness.

On the morning of December 6, the musician posted a picture on his Instagram account, showing him smiling happily after a bath. Earlier, there were rumors on the internet that the artist had contracted “Cowid-19”, and now he himself confirms that he really got the virus.

”Friends, sincere greetings !! Text messages and attention are falling apart these days renar, is everything okay? How is your health? I quickly reassure everyone.

I feel very good, I am healthy and three days have passed since the end of my quarantine and isolation.

Yeah, really, a few weeks ago I was also caught by the Covid virus, which I got sick of in a relatively mild form (for 3 days I had the feeling of the flu – a bone break and a low temperature).

Well, I’ve been healthy for more than 10 days and there are no symptoms of the disease, ”Cooper informs about the course of the disease.

The musician says a sincere thank you to everyone who wrote the encouraging words and supported the days.

“Let’s continue to protect yourself and others! Happy and healthy 2 Advent for everyone!” Wishes buyers.

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