PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY. A new plan for entrepreneurs – when signing deals, with money transactions – Horoscopes


It is better to plan important agricultural activities in the first half of the month, when the mercury period is not retrograde. Every month must be careful.

The first half of November is very suitable for working on farms, but there is a need to pay attention to cash transactions, as by November 16, there is a monetary planetary Venus in a tightened position, but then they create a combination of tension with Uranus, which causes unpredictability in money matters. There may be a variable cash flow, unexpected spending, someone who does not meet the bids and does not pay in time.

Keep track of your cash flow with extreme caution!

In addition, if such combinations exist in the sky, it is not advisable to register new businesses, this unpredictability of revenue and expenditure may be used for all subsequent periods of operation.

From 17 November, the planet's mercury will occupy an unfavorable retrograde movement, which unfortunately takes place three or four times a year. Careful with the contracts – if possible, do not sign an agreement for long-term measures. We should not buy a car or expensive technical equipment.

This month is the most appropriate date for serious economic activity on November 12 and 13.

П.С. Each company has its own individual astrocard, which can also reveal other nuances. Then the astrologer tries to find out from the worst of the best. However, general tendencies do not disappear.


A more successful period for new projects and transactions:

8.-16.11., When the moon is in the growing phase, but the unfavorable and complicated retrograde mercury has not yet begun.

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