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One of the four choir performances – in the New York City Concert Center in Lincoln – a sacred Opus dedicated to Jura Carlson's Latvian Radio Oremus World premiere.

The Latvian National Yiddish Choir Concert is an event of the 100th Anniversary of the State of Latvia and is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. Just before the Latvian Radio Choir Concert in Washington, the Latvian Embassy in the United States held a reception on November 16 in the US. It. Congress Library in Washington to honor the Center Sentenary Celebrations Celebrated by US Congress. It. Officials, partners and other friends of Latvia. On the other hand, following the encouragement of the Ambassador of Canada to Canada, Karl Eghenbaum, and in collaboration with the Latvian National Association in Canada, the Latvian Radio Choir on 18 November is the special guest of the centenary celebration of the Latvian statehood Also honored participants in the Center of the event at the Canadian Latvian Center in Toronto.

LCC concerts are always tightly and musical, and this was the program prepared for the tour, in which the ancient one was merged with the contemporary and Latvian – with the worldly. Concerts on November 13, st. The Virgin Mary Church in New York, November 15, at the Duke University's Chaplain, 16 November at the Congressional Library in Washington, and November 17 at the Festival Sound streams The Toronto Canadian Church, along with Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Grabriel and Carlos Josalli's vocal polyphonic masterpieces, singing pearls of English Baroque musical Henry P. Perles and deep-moving tracks from the late Romantic Gustave Mallorca with the German poet Friedrich Gertrude.

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