Norvik Bank renames its name in Latvia


From that on November 9, the Norvik Bank Group was renamed PNB Bank. The Bank will continue to provide all existing services, expand its availability and offer even more comfortable financial life to all, regardless of age, status or wealth. All valid agreements and contracts concluded with AS Norvik Bank remain valid for the Bank's clients, and daily communication with the Bank will continue along the regular network throughout Latvia.

PNB Bank Chairman of the Board Olivers Bramvels indicates: "Wide in order to strengthen our position in the Latvian market, we have been working deliberately to improve the efficiency of the bank over the past five years. The result is a wider network of branches throughout Latvia, the most suitable Internet bank for the elderly, urban dwellings, allowing them to receive municipal benefits, profitable pensions on the 2nd floor, a special solution for receiving benefits for the poor as well as for a job program for the elderly, is even closer to our customers. Last year we also revised the strategy of the Bank and established membership in the Latvian financial sector, strengthened the Bank's management team and the composition of the Management Board. We see that changing the name of the bank is the next step in the development. "

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The Bank has more than a year of preference to focus on the financial needs and habits of the elderly. Not only were new banking products tailored to the segment of pensioners, such as a bank account for pensioners, a sequential bill, the cheapest public utilities, etc., but also introduced a program for the employment of older people. Today, there is a special solution for receiving benefits for the poor.

"We are a bank for people, so the name is not only abbreviated at the same time, but it is prolonged – adding value to the person. The letter "P" in the new name is borrowed from the word "People" or "people". Therefore, the new name of PNB Bank includes one of the core values ​​of our current activities – human and human relations. By changing the name we confirm our availability to all who need the most profitable and customized financial services, " emphasizes O. Bravelle.

By introducing a new name, the process of improving customer service will improve with the introduction of new quality standards at all levels of the bank's operations, including employee training.

Norvik Bank change name to PNB Bank it will happen gradually. The implementation of a new name in more than 40 branches throughout Latvia will be carried out on a longer run.

It is important to remind all banking customers once again of all existing agreements and agreements with AS Norvik Bank, remain valid from now (including accounts, account numbers, contracts, payment cards, deposits, loans, etc.) and simply do not need to do anything to customers. The bank will work as usual.

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