Latvian Contemporary Theater will visit Iceland and Estonia


Photo: Epa Cuba.

A joint production of Latvian documentary theater and film director Kristīne Burāne will be held in Reykjavik in London and the international new theater festival Homo Novus in Riga, and the British theater artist Andyi Fīlda will be performing on November 15, "Spectacular".

"Noktirne" is the performance and physical journey of Buran, Phillida and their colleagues – Latvian scenographer Eva Kaulins and Swedish choreographer Ēriks Ēriksons. "Noktirne" appears within the boundaries of light and darkness where the human being meets naturally and raises the question of their conditions of coexistence.

In addition to the performance in Reykjavik on November 15, Krista Burāne will also participate in a symposium organized by the festival.

The performance "Noktirne" is part of the international project "Urban Heat" and is carried out with the support of the EU program "Creative Europe".

On November 25 and 29, in Tallinn, Tallinn, the festival LAT.EST was held, which will present Latvian young stage artists. This will be a visit to Latvian artists after the guest performances of the Estonian contemporary theater in Riga at the beginning of the year, organized by the Institute for New Views in Latvia. Both festivals are part of the Latvian and Estonian Century program.

Similar to Estonia's theater program in Latvia in the month of Estonia's independence in February, Latvian artists will visit Tallinn immediately after Latvia's independence from 20 to 25 years. November

The central event of the LAT.EST festival in Tallinn, as was the case in Riga, will be the joint work of Latvian and Estonian artists "The First to Go" on November 20-21. This work, which was attended by eight artists from both countries – Toms Auniņš, Austra Hauks, Joanna Kalma, Karl Krumins, Epa Kubu, Kristina Normana, Caroline Poska and Walter Sils – presented for the first time in the Estonian contemporary theater program in Riga .

The performance analyzes how the policies of both countries are reflected in Liv's life and what the Liv language means. After all, the question arises: "Is extinction really a tragedy?"

In addition to the work "The First to Go" program in the framework of the LAT.EST program in Tallinn includes the award-winning dance show "Connext" Rute Ronja Pakalne (Latvia) and Laurent Kvelstein (Estonia), the installation of "Vampire" by Voldemar Johansson and artists Catherine Neuburg, Austrian Call , Janis Snikers and video workers' evening Emera Varka (Estonia).

LAT.EST is held in Tallinn with the support of the Estonia 100 Committee and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

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