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Latvia vs African Champions Mali – Basketball –


The team coached by Matis Graudins, Ainars Chuckste, and Daigaë Virbles finished the group with a victory over African Vice Champion Mozambique – 68:54. Before the playoffs, four teams – Latvia, Belgium, USA and Spain – continue to fight without a loss.

On Wednesday, the odometer must be cleared on a random "speedometer" – The additional value of a group A gain will be gained only if you receive the eight final barrier. There will be no reserve of five points – as is the case against Mozambique – just how the winners move on.

Mali has a strong team. Unlike Latvia, which came from Thailand as the first basket – a team not ranked seventh in the Asia-Pacific ranking – males have been dealing with strong China. Molly lost but showed a decent 62:72.

The other rivalry games in Group B cannot serve as a reference point for Mali's power. The squad could not have been "awake" against Argentina (52:55), while the fight against Belgium was of some sporting importance – males could no longer improve their position.

Molly has gained considerable experience as a regular participant in the world u 19 Cup since 1997 – his eight outing in Thailand. Males have not been higher than tenths and never stay last.

The Western African country has a very recent example of past performance irrelevant. The Malaysian guys surprised the world a couple of weeks ago and finished the U 19 World Cup on Crete Island. Previous best achievement of the team? Fifteen in 2007.

Mali juniors are examples. They count seven of the last ten African U 18 titles (1996, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2014, 2016, 2018). It may also be the case if some 2012 Senegalese players are not eligible for passport data in Dakar.

Five years earlier, Mali suffered from the same Dakar to win the AfroBasket Women 2007 for the first time and debuted at the Olympic Games in Beijing the following summer with Latvia and Belarus. Stories say that every player in the camera receives a traditional Malay house as a gift.

Offensive Guard Aseta was the most valuable player in the African U18 Championship last year. She made 42% three-point shots and added 11 rebounds in the final against her 25-year-old host to Mozambique. The aminata striker is also included in the symbolic five.

Sisoko and Sangare don't shine so far in Bangkok. Sika Kone, a 190-cm striker, had the lead with 12.0 points and 10.3 rebounds. The slip keeper Gnere Dembele's bill was an average of 10.7 points and 8.7 balls under the baskets.

Only Argentina and Thailand have fewer points than males (51.3 in average per game) so far, though not all groups can be measured by one measure. Mali has the second highest number of shots behind the US. The accuracy is the lowest (27.9%).

As an African team, the strength of Mali lies in the fight under the baskets. Malaysia with Mozambique have a third place in Attack Bombs, an average of 22.3 chances per game. The number of interceptions goes directly to Latvia (9.7). This gives both teams a shared seventh place.

Live at 08:00

Latvian U19 national team 2019

#PlayerSports SchoolPos.HeightBirthdayThe team
4Nikola OzolaJurmalaPG1722/14/2000TT juniors
5Elizabeth ZumentaRidzeneG / F1815/25/2000TT juniors
6Clint SandwichRiga 3 BSSPG1702/13/2000TT juniors
7 thPaul KleschowLiepajaG / F1797/5/2001TT juniors
8Eva, IndiaHummingbirdSF1837/5/2001TTT cadets
10 thLaura meleeTTPC1906/1/2001Reyer Venezia (Italy)
11 thMara FashionRidden / SessionSG1785/15/2000TTT Riga
13thBetty RudeRiga 3 BSSF17412 2001 July 2001TT juniors
14thJette zeroRidzenePG169March 12, 2001 2001TT juniors
15thAlise MarkovaTTPC18710/5/2000Basket Ancona (Italy)
17Christian ColtonRiga 3 BSSF1766/26/2002
19 OnAleksa PurmaJurmalaSG1772/9/2001

Main Coach: Matīss Graudiņš (Ventspils University College).
Coaches: Ainārs Čukste (TTT Juniors), Daiga Žvirble (Riga 3 BJSS).
Physiotherapist: Linda Zujeva.
Manager: Viktor Zujev.

World Cup 19 draw

#Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1Thailand (4)China (3)American (1)Germany (3)
2Latvia (2)Belgium (2)Hungary (2)Spanish (4)
3Canada (3)Argentina (4)Australia (4)Japan (2)
4Mozambique (1)Mali (1)Korea (3)Colombia (1)

Off the Game Calendar

Wednesday, July 24
8:00 AM Latvia – Mali (25)
08:15 Canada – Argentina (26)
10:15 AM Australia – Colombia (30)
10:30 AM USA – Germany (29)
12:30 Thailand – Belgium (28)
12:45 Hungary – Japan (31)
14:45 Mozambique – China (27)
03:00 Korea – Spanyol (32)

Friday, July 26, quarter finals for the first and ninth place
L 25 – L 30 (33)
L 26 – L 29 (34)
L27 – L32 (35)
L 28 – 31 (36)
W25 – W30 (37)
W26 – V29 (38)
W27 – V32 (39)
V28 – V31 (40)

Saturday, July 27, semifinals for places 1, 5, 9 and 13
L 33 – L 35 (41)
L 34 – L 36 (42)
W33 – V35 (43)
W34 – V36 (44)
L 37 – L 39 (45)
L 38 – L 40 (46)
W37 – W39 (47)
V38 – V40 (48)

Sunday, July 28, finish
06:00 L 41 – L 42 (15)
08:15 V41 – V42 (13th place)
08:30 L 45 – L 46 (7th place)
10:30 L43 – L44 (room 11)
11:00 V45 – V46 (fifth place)
12:45 W43 – W44 (ninth place)
13:00 L 47 – L 48 (third place)
15:30 V47 – V48 Final

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