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Ringa judges unanimously won the Latvian boxer. Mexican Benjamin Rendon wins 116: 110, Americans Steve Morow and Hubert Mins with 115: 111 and 114: 112.

In the meantime, influential North American media ESPN calculated that the win in this match with the result of 115: 111 was won by Gevor.

Brice and Mikaelana (Gevora – red) The battle was awkward and dirty, where there was a lot to go to the cliff and a lot of dirty beats because two boxing styles are very different. Nevertheless, Mikaelan's blasts are more likely to hit the target, "writes ESPN.

It should be noted that Briedim was also called after the fight at the press conference, or believes that he has won in full.

"I have not seen a fight from the side, so I can not comment. I think that in the middle of the fight a bit sedated, but I won at the beginning and the end. The judges are visible from the edge, this is their task – and that was their decision" said Meld. "I feel that I would do only 50% of my work. My battles are like black lines, black, white, black, but I'm happy to win."

Similarly, the organizer of the superstar Kalle Zauerland said: "I think that the fight was strong, it's hard to measure the result if I do not do it as a judge. I had to work in parallel and have to do other things. I think the first rounds were chaotic, which it was a good thing for both sides to win the middle part of the Mikaelans, but the last definitive circles were definitely better for the lady, and I do not think that the victory would be groundless The fourth referee judged the fight as a postponement Fortunately, there was no need to involve the fourth referee to find out the winner. "

In the semi-finals of the supermarket, Deer will meet with Chissof Glovack's politician. In the duel in the quarter-finals on Saturday, he picked up Russian Maxim Vlasov in Chicago and at the same time won the World Championship of the World Boxing Championship (WBO).

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