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Philadelphia 76ers he woke up at the beginning 0: 8 and managed to reach 17 points in the second quarter (58:41), at the beginning of the second half the difference increased to 21 points (80:59). However Charles Hornets in the middle of the fourth quarter he managed to regain control (105: 104), and in the end, Philadelphia had to solve the losses. 25.9 seconds before the end of the base, the balance of the shooting line was restored by Joel Embide (119: 119), but the attempt by Kembass Voker to pull the win in Hornets was not successful.

In the extra time, the guests never had lead, but the 76ers retained success with 133: 132. The Embroid, which scored 42 points (meta penalty 19/22), won 18 rebounds, made four assists and blocked four goals in the season. Ben Simson had 22 points, 13 assists and eight rebounds, Hornets with 30 points, nine competitions and seven rebounds that were scored by Walker, who scored only three of the 14 goals in the distance.

At the Eastern Conference, the fifth place fell Boston Celticswithout Kairijs Erving with 115: 123 running Feel the jazz. In the first half of the year, teams exchanged revenue several times, while the third quarter started with Jazz, which scored 20 points (83:63). In the final quarter, Celtics left another shot at a distance (98: 100), but the offensive continued. Joe Ingls scored 27 points for the winners, while Rudy Gobbee scored 17 points and 15 rebounds. 22 points for Terry Rozier, while Gordon Heivord reached 13 points and public pistols at the first match in Yount since the transition to "Celtics".

The guest played 11 points Indiana Pacers, which at the end of the game again strengthened the deficit in six points and reached 110: 102 Miami "Heat". The most successful 22 points and ten winners were Victor Oladipo and Lithuanian Domantas Sabonis scored 17 points and 11 rebounds. The residents of Kelli Oliniks reached 20 points for domestic players, while Hasan Vaitsaid added 20 rebounds to 11 points.

An excellent start continues Sacramento "Kings", who played 12 points after the poor first quarter and was in the lead for almost the second half of the year against Minnesota Timberwolves (121: 110). Wigley Colisee-Stains scored 25 points, Carl Anthony Tauns scored 39 points and 19 rebounds. On the contrary, she lost eleven games nine times Washington Wizards, which began with 13: 2, but in the second quarter, already 36:54 lagged behind Orlando Magic. In the second half of the year, Washington played 24 of 25 points and approached 105: 106, but Magic responded with eight points and won 117: 108. Nikolai Vucevich has 21 points and 14 rebounds, while Bradley Bile has 27 points, John Wool 19 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds.

Game The result The most successful
Magic – Wizards 117: 108 Vucevic 21 – boy 27
76ers – Hornets 133: 132 p Embroid 42 – Wokers 30
Hawks – Bati 109: 124 Lynn 19 – Dramz 23
Heat – Pacers 102: 110 Olin 20 – Oladipo 22
Nuggets – Networks 110: 112 Yokich 37 – Rasel 23
Jazz – Celtics 123: 115 Inglise 27 – Rosier 22
Kings – Timberwolves 121: 110 Coliseum spots 25 – Taunss 39

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