Cost of "Clippers" cost more than 100 thousand – Basketball – Sports

These are events that took place on Monday in Los Angeles Clippers, where Warriors suffered a loss of 116: 121 loss.

At 106:10, and when it remained only five seconds in regular time, Grin pulled the ball out of the inaccurate Lew Williams center and went straight to the basket, although his teammate Kevin Durent told him he would give him back.

Green did not listen and this did not happen to the litter. He made a mistake, but after this episode he crashed with Durent.

The warriors decided to discipline Green by letting them leave Atlanta Hawks. In addition, his salary will be deducted, which means that Green will not receive US $ 120,000 (€ 106,000) for this skydiving game.

The reason for the punishment is not Durent's dispute, but acts that harm the interests of the team.

ESPN observers Eidriand Vodzhnarovsky, referring to the sources in the team, writes that the fight continued in the team and cooperated with many other players, but the far-reaching consequences for the exclusive team did not leave and the situation was smooth.

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