Arvydas Platzer's Anniversary Concert "Soul Sounds" will be performed in the Riga Dome / Article / LSM.LV

On the eve of the first advent, on November 30 at noon. 19.00, the Riga Dome on the Concert of Sacred Music "Soul Skod" invites the long time Art Director, Leader Arvids Platformer, Riga Culture and Entertainment Center "Yaman" Male Choir "Alumini".

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of his life, the charitable leader invites you to listen to the sounds of the soul of the choir. Archive Platforma's creative activity plays a very important role in the development of the movement of Latvian amateur corporations and special male chefs. His contribution, both as a choir conductor and as the Chief Conductor of the Song Festival, and as a teacher in the preparation of young conductors and music educators, is unnecessary.

The Conductors Edgars Witols and Edgars Brycekeys will participate in the concert "Souls" by the male choir "Alumini", the male choir "Chokava", Organist Iveta Pelshe, Soloists Aneta Wepuma (Soprano) and Edgar Osleja (Bass), Informed The Riga culture and entertainment center "Yaman" "Representatives.

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The concert program includes holy music masterpieces of Andrei Jurjen, Otto Ulsson, Joseph Gabriel Reinberger, Friedricha Zyler, Johnson Schaser, Charles Marie Vidora, Caesar Franco, Georges Verdi, Louis Leebebuila, Rudolf Tobias, Adam Stephane, Jack Lemmens and Ludwig at Bethen's work, as well as the song "Marija" by Raymond Paul.

Tickets are available at the Ticket Paradise Tickets and on the Internet as well as at the concert venue.

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