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US $ There. Tesla Motors, a US There. Electric vehicle manufacturer announced on Friday that it would eliminate about 7% of its jobs, trying to improve its efficiency.

TESLA SEO Ion Masks recorded in his blog that the company would eliminate jobs at a time when it was trying to reach more customers who could afford their cars.

He writes that Tesla's cheapest offer today is the model 3 car for $ 44,000 (€ 38,600).

"The need for a cheaper version of Model 3 will be even more pronounced on July 1, when tax breaks in the US will halve, making the car more expensive by $ 1,775," Masks adds that this model will become Even more expensive at the end of the year when tax relief for such vehicles is abolished altogether.

In October, the masks recorded 45,000 people in their Twitter account, so the estimated work loss could affect about 3150 people.

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