"The Dragon's Dragon" Lee Cheong-yong returned


Lee Cheong-yong (center) who scored in the qualification round of China 2016 in the Russian Cup of Asia. [연합뉴스]

Lee Cheong-yong (center) who scored in the qualification round of China 2016 in the Russian Cup of Asia. [연합뉴스]

"Blue Dragon" Lee Chung-yong (30, Bochum) returns to the national football team. Only six months ago I went from the national team to the final finals of the World Cup in May. The return of a veteran who has experienced two World Cup finals can be interpreted as a sign that infighting has begun in national teams.

FIFA coach Paulo Bento (49, Portugal) announced today that he will play at the press conference in the Seoul football league on November 5 in the list of 26 players to play in A-matches in Australia (Australia, 20th Uzbekistan) . Lee was named as a side link player. Bentou is a substitute player who will fill the empty gap in Soong Hee-min (26, Tottenham), who does not participate in the match in accordance with his team's agreement with the Korean Football League.

Hwang Hee-chan (22, Hamburg) and Moon Sun-min (26, Incheon) are on the side of the national team, but both players are not rich with the history of the match. Bentou has led the national team since 1960, when the goal of South Korea is to wins the Asian Cup after 58 years without a career for the Championship Cup.

Lee Cheong-yong, who played in 79 matches (8 goals) in the match, is the right person to solve the "lack of experience" that highlighted one of the bad points Ben Tua Hoa. It is also positive that he has a good sense of joining the Bundesliga in the second season after joining Bochum.

Le Lee Seung-woo (20, Hellas Verona) and Lee Jae-sung (26, Holstein keel) that overlap, this is a big part of Bentoo's expectations for Lee Cheong-yong. "I did not play well in my team, but there is a lot of competition in the state team in the state team." Lee Seung-woo has many players with multiple players who can take different positions with excellent ability. . (Lee Seung-woo) was not chosen this time, but I will notice the situation in the future, "he said.

Bentou also made a competitive landscape in the Chungwon area. (23, Gwangju) and Kim Jung-min (19, Rippering) instead of the remaining "embedded" Ki Sung-yong (29, Newcastle United). Koo Ja-chul (29, Augsburg), who arrived yesterday with the symptoms of acute pyelonephritis, joined by the national team, was also named Ben Tuo Hoa.

Meanwhile, Bentouu told Chang Hyun-soo (28, FC Tokyo) that he was run by documents for volunteer work for military purposes and was permanently removed from the team. "It is very likely that the penalty of Yang Hyun-soo leads to the loss of the national team. In terms of understanding tactics, Chang Hyun-soo is a very useful player," but he stressed that after the decision of the Fair Trade Commission we must take discipline. "

Bentou played Gwon Kyung-won (26, Tianjin Cheonan), who plays for the Chinese Super League as a substitute for meeting the free position of Chang Hyun-soo. The national team will meet on the 12th and will go straight to Australia and prepare for the match.

Football team in November Football competition for second place (26 people)

GK (3 persons) Kim Seung-gyu (Vissel Kobe), Kim Jin-hyun (Cerezo Osaka) Cho Hyun-woo (Daegu FC)

DF (10 people) (Ulsan), Kim Mun-hwan (Busan), Yi-hyun (Jeollanam-do), Kim Jong-won (Tianjin Cheonan))

MF (11) Kim Jung-min (Chelsea), Kim Jeong-hyeon (Lee Sang-soo), Lee Jung-yong (Bochum) (Ripering), Na Sang Ho (Gwangju)

FW (2 people) Hwang no Jo (Gamba Osaka), Seok Hyeonjun (Stade de Reims)

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