Signed a technology transfer agreement with DENEI Link, Headquarters Management


DENEI Link will first commercialize the Korean chip in Korea.
DENEI Link has signed a technology transfer agreement with the National Institute of Health Research to commercialize Korean chips.
With this technology transfer agreement, DENEI Link will contribute to the implementation of precise medical care, which can be tailored to individual needs, in line with the government's goal of producing 150,000 Korean tokens this year. By the end of this year, the DNR will analyze a total of 147,000 samples of the main Disease Control Unit and intends to strengthen sales marketing for home clinical researchers.
The Korean chip is designed to reflect the unique genetic features of the Koreans. In order to detect the genetic causes of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia and cancer common to Koreans, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Korea has developed a database based on data from 2500 nucleotide sequences and more than 60,000 data about gene mutation data. It is a customized chip for the analysis of the genome developed by the Korean.
A total of 830,000 genetic changes, including about 200,000 genetic mutations that affect the functioning of proteins, and about 600,000 gene mutations representing Korean genomes can be analyzed during Korean genetic mutations caused by a single Korean chip. It is used for the research and development of the disease control center itself and for identifying diseases of domestic clinical researchers.
"DiNeil Link has been involved in the development of the disease control and Korean chip since 2014," said the company official. "We have created a reference with the provision of genome analysis services ordered by institutions, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies."
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