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SAN FRANCISCO, California, Dec. 7 (Reuters) – Around 5000 developers, service partners, designers and reporters from around the world gathered at the San Francisco Moscone Center in San Francisco, I have.

This was the first hidden Samsung Electronics smartphone in the veil.

Samsung Electronics introduced the "Infinite Flex Display", a screen that can be opened and stacked on "Samsung Developer Conference 2018", which was held from July 7th (local time) to the 8th century.

On the day of the conference, the mood has grown from the beginning, with the expectation that the map folder might be revealed. SDC 2018 is considered as a public announcement point for the Samsung Electronics Declaration to release the folder button for the first time.

Samsung Electronics raised its expectation by raising Samsung's image on its Facebook account before opening the SDC 2018.

But until the main session, which started about 10 hours after local time, did not arrive at the content of the balloon folder and added the voltage. Approximately 5,000 officials and rapporteurs were breathing and awaiting a related notification.

Hassan anjum (Samsung Electronics) Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), head of tablet PC and PC marketing, came to the stage to monitor the past and present of Samsung Electronics.

As revealed by the history of Samsung Electronics's mobile display, such as AMOLED, display of edges and infinite display, about 5000 people gathered on the scene, and reporters seemed intuitive to show the folder button. .

When Justin Denison, executive director of Samsung Electronics America, said: "The Future of Mobile Screen Technology" took the "Infinite Flex Display" screen from his jacket pocket.

The right thing about the "Infinite Flex Display" that was introduced was the 7.3-inch screen when it was completely open, and was about the size of your pocket. The real thing was the "folding" method that put it in the notebook.

Justin Denison, executive director Justin Denison, looked directly at the Infinite Flex Display and proved in front of the eye that the time of FolderBoard was approaching reality.

"We have developed a new type of adhesive that can transfer hundreds of thousands of new replacement glass materials in the Infinite Flex screen development window," said Justin Denison, director of the AMOLED display itself. The thickness of the film was also drastically reduced. "

"Infinite Flex Display" could use an application that was used on a small screen naturally when it opened a smartphone with a large screen. In the actual forecast, the user who watched the video did not stop the application when it received the message, but could simultaneously process it on a single screen.

At the same time, Samsung Electronics unveiled the next-generation user interface (UI) "One UI" used for the FolderBoop folder, and looks forward to map plans expected next year.

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