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On the 6th, NH Nonghyup Life Insurance announced that it will launch ‘New NH Cancer Insurance’, which supports targeted anticancer drug licensed treatment funds.

This product supports up to 50 million won for a targeted antisancer drug licensed treatment fund that attacks growth and spread by selecting only cancer cells. In addition, small cancers such as thyroid cancer and prostate cancer, which are classified as small cancers based on the main contract, are covered by a mandatory supplementary special agreement. When you signed the main contract and the special drug of 10 million cancer diagnosis, mobile cancer 10 million won, prostate cancer 6 million won, and other skin cancer, colon intravenous cancer, cancer in situ, border tumor 3 million won are paid only once for the First time.

In the case of diagnosis of general cancer, the full amount of insurance premiums that are already paid in the main contract, is as well as the diagnosis insurance. In the case of the non-renewal type of the main contract, even for the diagnosis of two main diseases (cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction), a special contract can refund the total amount of the main contract insurance premium for the payment Time.

The product can be easily subscribed to even those with high blood pressure, diabetes or those with a history of cancer treatment who could not subscribe.

If you do not have the following three messages: hospitalization at 3 months, surgery, after examination, hospitalization at 2 years, surgery at 2 years and cancer diagnosis at 5 years, you can register.

The age of enrollment is from 15 to 75. The subscription limit can be up to 30 million won in units of 10 million won based on the main contract. The insurance premium is 10 million won for the subscription amount, paid in the first period, 20 years maturity, 40 years old, type 1 (renewal type), 6200 won for men and 6700 won for women, based on pure insurance for general subscription .

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