LS Group, & # 39; cousin management & # 39; Promoted to the first president of the next ranking


LG Group Chairman Koo Jae-eun, who is considered one of the LG Group, was promoted to the 27th President. According to the Solution Group, alternating the cousin group, it is estimated that the former chairman's promotion is a task to reach the next LS group.

The LS group is a group of LG and its third and fourth and fifth brothers separated from LG. The three Taiji Pijongsu, including the third party, the fourth group, and the fifth monthly chairman, have established a tradition of taking on group management. This is also the reason why no noise is generated around the right management even after entering the 2nd nd management system.

10-year-old Kissin Management Group LS

Gujahong L. Nikko Dong, the eldest son of the senior chairman of the Sue Tea Association, took over the group for 10 years, and in 2013 passed the chairman of the LS Group Chairman Guajolli, the eldest son of the honorary president. Koyo also succeeded in predicting the leadership of the group to Guarron Chairman, the eldest son of the senior chairman in 2022, pursuing the "cousin management" tradition.

During the past 20 years, he has been running classes in a variety of fields, including LS cable, LG Electronics, LG Corp, GS Caltex and LS Nikko Copper. He will also take on the role of chairman of LSMron and Director of Digital Innovation, which will be newly created at LS. The Digital Innovation Group is an organization that leads the future strategy group, "Digital Transformation." The reason for this is that it will not only create synergies between group affiliates, but also hired human resources.

LS Group also retains the CEOs of major affiliates such as LS Cable and LS Industrial Systems. Overall, this year's performance is good, and there was a high score for organizational stability.

A group worker said, "The dissemination of executives is somewhat less than the previous year in preparation for the prolonged growth of the low growth future." Establishments that have proven their abilities will be retained and the organization will be stabilized and the group will continue to prepare for the future. "

In particular, the 40-year-female executive has been released for the first time since the founder of this group. Li, who became a female executive in the 70s, went to Makinei Consulting and Doosan Corp. (Director). Since 2010, LS Group Holding Company has led digital conversion and has found new growth engine for future.

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