Lotte confectionery launches "Xylitol", the first Korean "Vitamin D" added brand


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[인사이트] There was a chewing gum that meets the requirements of daily vitamin D. This is "Xylitol Beta Vita D".

On October 8, Lotte's confectionery company announced the launch of "Xylitol Beta Vitamin D", a functional gum containing vitamin D.

"Xititol Beta Vitamin D" gum contains 10 μg of vitamin D (400 IU), and therefore one chew does correspond to the recommended daily dose.

The use of vitamin D in the chewing gum is the first example in Korea for this "xylitol betabita D".

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Vitamin D can be consumed easily and easily due to the comfort of chewing gum.

"Xylitol Beta Vitada D" is called "Beta" in the sense that it is a further product under "Xylitol Alpha (α)".

This product, like "Alpha", has added a refreshing granule to the gum.

Aroma is the taste of the barrel and the color of the package also uses a light blue tone that gives a cool feeling. The price is 6,000 won based on a convenient store, which is the same as "Alpha".

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Vitamin D, an essential nutrient for life, is usually synthesized in the sun when exposed to sunlight, but vitamin D deficiency is likely to be found in those with low external activity or vice versa daily and nightlife.

In general, vitamin D deficiency is known to increase the risk of osteoporosis, obesity and hair loss. Lately, the lifestyle of modern people is changing, and the lack of vitamin D continues to increase, leading to social health problems.

Lotte's official confectioner said: "I expect that busy workers and students will be very popular."

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